Qwrist has created hundreds of thousands of silicone wristbands for corporate and community events with upto 82% off RRP!*.

We have supplied bulk silicone wristbands and silicone bracelets to customers from a range of commercial and marketing companies, government organisations, religious groups, the defence sector and education.

In fact, it is likely you have come across our products throughout Australia being used for purposes encompassing promotional, community awareness, educational and security.

Our silicone wristbands are environmentally friendly, affordable, durable and fashionable.

Made from 100% silicone rubber wristbands, these fantastic rubber bracelets allow you to print or deboss any logo or message over a huge range (1000s) of silicone wristband colours.

We used the wristbands for fundraising at our charity event. They were liked by all.
  5 / 5 stars

* RRP = 'Recommend Retail Price', refers to the price per wristband at point of sale to the public. Commonly silicone wristbands are re-sold to the public for $2 each as single units. Order in bulk for huge discounts, down to as little as 36c each.

Standard Silicone Wristband Options

Printed Lettering

Debossed Lettering

Embossed Lettering

Swirl Band Color

Segmented Band Color

Camouflage Band Color

Glittering Band
Plain stock colours are available for immediate purchase from the wristbands shop

Size Options

Adult size: 68mm diameter,
202mm circumference X 12mm width X 2mm

Kids size: 55mm diameter,
180mm circumference X 12mm width X 2mm

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Special Silicone Wristband Types

Silicone Wristband with digital clock.
digital clock wristband, wristband clock, silcone wristband clock, silicone wristband watch, silicone wristwatch
Silicone Wristband with printed artwork & secure enclosure.
keyholder wristband, silicone wristband with enclosure, key holder wristband
Silicone Wristband with printed artwork and USB storage drive.
usb wristband, usb silicone wristband, wristband usb
Silicone Wristband with printed artwork and USB storage drive.
usb wristband, usb silicone wristband, wristband usb
Silicone Wristbands - Stenil Band
silicone wristbands, stencil band silicone wristbands
Minimum Order Quantity = 500 units.
Printed Aluminum with Silicone Cover
silicone wristbands, printed wristband, fundraising wristbands, cheap wristbands

Unfolded Size: 170 x 17 x 3mm

Minimum order quantity: 5000 units

Maximum of 5 colours can be used for the aluminium print.

Easy 4 Step Process

wristband quote
We email you a quote and organise artwork
order wristbands
You verify details are correct & finalise order
order tracking
Track manufacturing progress online
order delivery
Final delivery to your door

Wristband Order Tracking

All our customers are granted access to our online order tracking facility, where you can track your order throughout every stage from artwork design to production and delivery to your door.

This interface is exclusive to Qwrist and enhances customer interaction and streamlines our order fulfilment process.

All official "sign offs" are recorded digitally online, so no more paper wasting or faxing!

Our customers appreciate the ability to login to the facility and get a quick update of their order activity, past and present.

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